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October 29, 2018


How many times have we known something, denied it, later said, “I knew it!” and then judged ourselves for not listening to our intuition? How many times have we presented this evidence against ourselves as proof of being untrustworthy? How many times have we punished ourselves with unloving thoughts? How many times have we despaired at the seemingly hopeless repetition of painful patterns like this? But, what if we’re not the ones who are untrustworthy?

Remember the split mind concept? In the split mind, we vacillate between the knowingness of our true selves and the thoughts of the ego belief system. The ego is always untrustworthy, because it’s deluded. The ego will always be in denial of the truth, because the truth would destroy it. If you haven’t yet discerned the difference of the ego’s voice and yours, you may think it sounds like you, but it doesn’t. It seems like the ego’s thoughts are your thoughts, but they are not.

Your true thoughts are sane. Your true thoughts are loving. Even when they are illuminating something you might not want to look at, your true thoughts will be calm and helpful. The ego’s thoughts are neurotic and delusional. Only the ego would think that denying the truth could make a lie be true. If you know that the ego operates like this, it is much easier to have compassion for yourself when you follow the ego’s delusions instead of your true guidance. In the madness, you can recognize the untrustworthy nature of the false-self and you can remember that your true guidance is still trustworthy and will never let you down.

Your true guidance stems from a natural connection to your body and the oneness of all life. When you are identifying as your true self and not the personality construct of the ego, you will naturally be connected with the consciousness that creates and sustains the universe. That universal love/light/information is flowing through everything all the time. It is completely trustworthy because it is all-knowing and has everyone’s best interests in mind. It is an infinite source of intelligence that is yours to receive.

I can tell you this and you can understand it intellectually and that’s great, but that’s not how you build trust in yourself. You have to have a lived experience of it. Our spiritual development and learning happens in the demonstration of knowledge through our actions. Through our actions, we teach ourselves and others the efficacy of our choices. If we choose to follow the ego, we will experience the pain of separation. If we choose to follow our inner teacher, we will experience our true nature, which is pleasure and connection.

Every time we choose a causal thought and experience its effects, we learn. Every time we choose to follow our intuition or inner guidance, we demonstrate our trustworthiness. Trust is like a muscle: every time you use it, it gets stronger. Little by little, you will build unshakable trust in your true self and your ability to follow your guidance. You will be a living, breathing embodiment of the peace that results from deep trust and faith.


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