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October 29, 2018


Invocation initiates a process, like toppling the first in a series of dominoes. The tool itself is simple to practice, yet so profound that if you use it consistently it will change your life forever.

Invocation is not only the first step in the Lightwork Session Protocol, but it’s also the simplest, most powerful, and most versatile tool in the Lightworker Training toolkit. You can use it for anything you can imagine. I teach it at the beginning of the section on energy work so that you will have a workable tool for any energetic phenomenon you may encounter in a session.

Invocational techniques are my go-to practice throughout the day and throughout a healing session. Invocation is a complete healing in and of itself. It is healing because it works through our willingness to tap into the infinite power and presence of love as the healer.

When we use invocation to access the mind state of unity consciousness, we can be assured that the work we perform will be coming from a place of love, our intentions will have powerful effects, the effects will be for the highest and best of all that is, and they will come into manifestation with grace and ease.

So what exactly is invocation, and how do we use it?

To invoke is to call in or summon. It is an intentional or mental practice performed silently or vocally. There are many schools of thought on what the most potent type of invocation is. Some practitioners call upon deities, angels, or elemental beings. Some invoke their teachers, ancestors, and gurus. I like to go straight to the source of all that is, because in my experience it is the most clear, direct, powerful, and effective technique.

Incidentally, I’ve found that even if you choose to work with angels, deities, and spiritual helpers, it is energetically cleaner if you invoke source energy first. Source doesn’t require energy exchange, because it is all energy everywhere, so you won’t accrue energetic debt or entanglement the way you can if you go through the spiritual hierarchy. That being said, if you ask source to send a helper, you can choose to offer gratitude to that helper. A heartfelt “thank you” is a gift that all teachers, ancestors, guides, and helpers appreciate.

The organic light of source energy is the consciousness that is flowing through all things in the multiverse. Because we are extensions of that light/consciousness, all that is required to tap into it is to remember that we are it. In this space of remembrance, we are empowered and our intentions are effective.

Because we spend so much time identified with limiting beliefs such as thinking we are our bodies, separate from spirit, prone to harm, and lacking in power, it can be helpful to use a tool like invocation to make the deliberate shift from our separate-self mind state to the infinite mind of unity consciousness where all minds are joined. With invocation we re-mind ourselves.

Let’s look at some specifics of how we can consciously shift energy through the power of our mind and invocation.


Invocation is a kind of prayer. It may be very different from other prayers you’ve encountered. It does not ask for something that is wanting. There’s no supplication or entreaty. Prayers of entreaty often unconsciously affirm lack. Affirming lack is not helpful if you’d like to feel the abundant manifestation of whatever you are praying for.

There are three essential parts to a truly effective invocation or prayer:

- Shift to the unified mind.
- State a clear intention.
- Give thanks.

Let’s break them down one-by-one.


There are many ways of shifting from a mindset of separation to identifying as one with the infinite mind where all minds are joined. Some may feel more effective than others. Your preferences may change as you go and that’s totally cool. The most important thing is to follow the energy of what feels potent for you at any given time and circumstance.

Here are some of the ways I like to shift to the unified mind:

Place my hand on my heart and remember that I am the embodiment of infinite love.
Remember that I am not alone, that I am one with all that is.
Call upon my higher/holy spirit self to take charge.
Imagine my crown/heart connected to source consciousness with a golden channel of light.
Remember I am a force of nature, connected to everything in the web of life.

Give some of these a try. You can speak out loud, silently, or use a gesture. Maybe you say, “I am one with the one/my higher self” Maybe you take a deep breath and feel your connection to the earth. Practice feeling into which ways are strong for you. You can use whatever names, feelings, or visuals for source consciousness you prefer. What feels powerful to you in this moment?


Once you have shifted to the unified mind you are in a state of co-creation with the universe, so you simply state a clear intention of what you are choosing to create. Remember, if you are one with the oneness of all life, you lack for nothing. If you lack for nothing, you don’t need to ask for anything.

Therefore, it is more helpful to set intentions to release whatever is blocking you from knowing, being, or receiving what you’d like to experience rather than ask for what you want. The oneness wants for nothing because it is everything.

Here are some of my favorite intentions:

“I am releasing this unloving thought now.”
“I am willing to release all my judgments about this now.”
“I am willing to be willing to let this go.”
“I am willing to release anything that doesn’t allow this healing.”
“I am clearing my many bodies of anything that no longer serves me.”
“I am healing this through all dimensions of time and space.”
“I am grateful to share my healing with everyone.”
“I am clearing anything that doesn’t allow my liberation.”

Can you feel how clear and powerful those are? What are some other powerful intentions you can create?


This is essential because gratitude is what we feel when we know something is done. When we know our burden has been lifted, we feel grateful. We feel joyful and thankful. We feel the energy of “Yes!”

Here are some simple ways to express - or be - the energy of thanks:

- Say or think a heart-felt “thank you.”
- Say or think “It is done/so it is/amen.”
- Say or think “I am so glad.”
- Smile.
- Breathe a sigh of relief.
- Feel the light of your heart/your spirit/the sun/source.
- Laugh in joy.
- Cry in gratitude.

These are all simple, yet powerful. Whatever way feels authentic in the moment, go for it. As long as the energy of gratitude and completion is woven into your prayers, they will be effective, because gratitude is what we feel when something is accomplished.

The three simple steps of mind shift, intention, and gratitude are all it takes to create a powerful invocation that will clear any kind of energetic block you can imagine. Invocations don’t have to be long and complicated to be effective.

A wonderful thing about this prayer practice is that we can heal whatever is causing our suffering all the way back to the root cause, without ever having to re-experience it or relive the trauma. That’s what I call grace.


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