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November 11, 2018


Etheric cords are an energetic manifestation of our mental attachments and entanglements. These attachments include:

Judgments: everything we’ve decided is good or bad, right or wrong. “That person is horrible.” “That’s the best/worst thing ever.” “I know I’m right.” “I’ll never be good enough.”
Opinions: another, more subtle kind of judgment. “That shade of blue is ugly.” “This is the best way to make coffee.” “Roses are prettier than daisies.” “I don’t look good in those pants.”
Stories: repeated thoughts about the past. “She hurt me.” “That guy is always a jerk.” “I’ve never been good at learning languages.” “I’m an alcoholic.”
Meanings: our interpretation of events. “Doing that means you don’t love me.” “If you cared you would do this.” “It’s because there’s something wrong with me.” “If I could be better it would be different.”

All of these things are inventions of our minds. None of them are real, but we believe that they are. At some point we chose to believe them, whether consciously or not. In fact, many of these attachments are not in our conscious awareness, but with practice we can become aware of them. With awareness comes the possibility for more conscious choices.

What makes the energy of attachment so sticky is the unquestioning nature in which we accept these beliefs, construct computations, and draw erroneous conclusions based on their false premises. When we believe in things that we’ve made up that aren’t true, it leads to conflict in our mind. To manage and cope with the conflict, we build cases, gather evidence, and argue for or against our beliefs. We struggle with feelings of injustice and intense mental and emotional suffering. We become upset with the triggering and traumatizing stories and meanings we create. We unnecessarily re-traumatize ourselves over and over with our mental habits of judging, blaming, shaming, and punishing.

It’s important for each of us to acknowledge the trauma and conditioning incurred earlier in our lives. Acknowledgement is an important step in healing. It’s also important to acknowledge that we may be operating under a belief system based on the limits of the past and not on the possibility available in the present. If we continue to run these trauma-based belief programs, we will never heal the trauma. If we don’t challenge the beliefs of our conditioning, we will never create something new.

Can we really judge the meaning of things? Take this small example: you’re driving and you miss your turn. You immediately judge it and yourself as wrong and get upset. You drive around the block and because of that little bit of extra time you now arrive at your destination just as someone is pulling out of the perfect parking spot for you. Now, is it wrong that you missed the turn or is it right? Was it good or was it bad?

How many times has something happened that you judged as wrong in the moment, but later decided that you wouldn’t trade for anything in the world? What if all of our judgments and beliefs don’t actually mean anything?

For years I carried intense shame over things I had done in my life that I had judged as wrong, like getting addicted to drugs and behaviors or staying in abusive relationships. I couldn’t imagine there being any kind of silver lining to such painful experiences, but sure enough, I see the value now. These days, I use that learning from the past to hold a space of understanding and healing for my clients. Having worked through those things myself, I can share tools that I know actually work and I have deep compassion for what other people are going through. It’s weird to say I’m grateful for those things, especially if I’m having a moment of feeling my past trauma being triggered, but I can at least say that I took that shit and turned it into alchemical gold.

What if there is some beauty that can be created from your painful past? Would you be open to it? Would you be willing to release your judgments, stories and meanings of the past to transmute the energy into something greater than you ever imagined?

If the answer is yes, take a breath with me now and let it be.

And remember, releasing judgment does not mean condoning harmful behavior. It means disentangling yourself from the energy of the harmfulness so that you can be free.


I used to worry about being right all the time. I wanted to make sure I believed in the right thing. I wanted to make sure I did healing practices the right way. When I cut cords, I didn’t want to cut the wrong cords. I wanted to keep the good cords and get rid of the bad. That was before I understood that the energies of what we’ve judged as good or bad is what cords are.

Originally, I was taught that there are good and bad cords. I was taught to have an intention to scan for only “unauthorized and inappropriate” cords, but the more I got curious and experimented, I saw that all cords were keeping us entangled with our old baggage.

Here’s what I learned about cords:

All of our judgments, cravings, and aversions take the form of energetic cords that bind and limit us.
All cords and attachments are an unnecessary energy drain and maybe even the cause of all human suffering.
No judgment or belief in right or wrong or good or bad is necessary, because the truth will still be the truth no matter what we believe.

When I realized that I didn’t have to believe in anything, I felt an almost ecstatic sense of relief. That ecstasy and lightness was my freedom and power returning, because all beliefs are artificial constructs and all cords are energy drains.

It takes a lot of energy to maintain the appearance of a seemingly real invention.

How much energy and power could you reclaim by releasing all your beliefs?

The truth is the truth and doesn’t require anyone’s belief in it. It will make itself evident to anyone who clears the clutter of their own interpretations. Therefore, it is infinitely more powerful to release all beliefs and judgments and simply be open to knowing the truth.

So, when I’m cutting cords or releasing attachments, I’m not interested in keeping any of them. Cords are an energetic manifestation of mental attachments. Attachments cause suffering, conflict, and confusion.

But are there good attachments? Students frequently ask me, “What about good attachment? Like attachment to my child? I don’t want to cut something that shouldn’t be cut.”

My response to that is: don’t worry. You can’t destroy a love bond. You can’t destroy connection.   Our human inventions of attachment are not the same as organic connection. Our connection to everyone and everything in the oneness of life is eternal. Love is eternal.

Have you ever still loved someone regardless of how bad things got in your relationship? Have you ever loved someone even though you didn’t agree with their actions or lifestyle? Have you ever loved this world even though it is rife with suffering, trauma, and insane human inventions?

Love is a force of nature. Love is a universal law. Love is the energy that creates and sustains the universe. We can’t destroy love. We can believe we can, though. We can believe in all kinds of nonsense, which is exactly the kind of thing this course is designed to help clear.


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