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November 15, 2018


Good energetic hygiene is so fundamental that I teach it on a regular basis as a stand-alone workshop for anyone who is interested. These techniques are game-changers and will help you to help more people and yourself simultaneously.

The most important thing you can do to keep sticky energies out of your field is to work from a “non-stick” state of mind. I call it compassionate non-attachment and it is an essential quality to cultivate, not only for healing work, but for healing your life.

Compassionate non-attachment means remembering that everyone is totally perfect already. Yes. Totally. Perfect. Already. This can be incredibly challenging when you find yourself looking at insanity and disease, but remember, the way things work in the invisible realms of consciousness are different than what we’ve been taught about the world through our social conditioning.

Maybe this perfection exists on a level that we can’t possibly understand. Maybe because of that, it feels impossible to hold the idea of it in our minds. That may very well be, but we can still be open to the possibility that it exists. By being open to the possibility of perfection, you can free yourself from the sticky and limiting energy of judgment.

If you’re really not feeling the perfection of the universe, you can simply say, “I don’t know.” Admitting that you don’t know why situations or people are crazy is enough to take you out of judgment and attachment.

As you recall from the previous chapter on cord cutting, attachments are our beliefs, opinions, and preferences. What we think is right or wrong, good or bad. They’re the stories we tell and the meaning that we’ve made out of everything we’ve experienced. In other words, they’re all based entirely on the past.

If you’d like to create some new future possibilities, how helpful do you think it is to be operating under assumptions, conclusions, and decisions based on what occurred in the past?

You also learned in the last chapter that you can’t clear something that you judge as wrong. If you are judging symptoms as wrong, they will stick to you. If you judge an energy as wrong, you can’t clear it. If you have an attachment to fixing something you’ve judged as wrong, you can’t be free of it. You can only be free by releasing attachment.

Simply put, focus on what you’d like to experience and release the attachment to it. It doesn’t get any clearer than that. It may feel tremendously challenging at times to practice it, but isn’t that what practice is for? Let’s keep practicing compassionate non-attachment and set ourselves free from the prisons of recreating the past.

Focusing on what you’d like to create does not mean pretending like you feel fine when you are upset. It doesn’t mean saying it’s all love and light and ignoring the pain of the world. Remember, we have to feel it to heal it. We can’t do a spiritual bypass of our trauma. We can’t ignore our past.

What is truly healing is being the energy of unconditional love, recognizing we are upset and loving ourselves anyway. We can recognize that humans are a mess and love humanity anyway. We can recognize all the ways we hurt ourselves and each other and strive to do better. The way forward is with consciousness, acknowledgement, and love.


Now that we have identified what I have found to be the most helpful aspect of good energetic hygiene, the mindset of compassionate non-attachment, let’s look at some more important things we can practice to keep ourselves clear as we’re working.

Unity consciousness: We know that we as our separate-selves are not doing the work, therefore we allow spirit to work through us and we know that love is the healer.
Sweep/flick energy: We can manually sweep energy off of our hands/arms and flick it into a safe disposal place.
Disposal: We can use a salt water bowl/psychic fire/center of the earth/sun/source as a safe place to dispose of or compost congested/toxic energies.
Smudge/spray: We can use a physical or psychic smudge or spray to purify our fields or hands as we work.
Cut cords: We can release attachment to the outcome and to the client/session.
Gratitude: We give thanks for being free of all toxic energies or attachments.

Some of these, like cord cutting, we’ve already covered. The new ones, like smudge and disposal, will be described below. If you practice energetic hygiene awareness with diligence, you will be able to work with greater capacity and longevity. Most importantly, you will be in service to yourself and that benefits everyone.


I enjoy and recommend working with a liquid smudge spray. It’s great when you are in a place where burning things is not allowed or inconvenient. No need to have lighters and bowls for ash, and it’s much faster than burning smudge.

You can buy all sorts of smudge spray products, but I prefer to make my own because I run through a lot of it and it’s more cost-effective. My stand-by is the simple formula I was introduced to through Pranic Healing.  I’ve tweaked it over the years by adding crystal and flower essences, but you can start with the basic formula, which will serve you well.

The ingredients of an effective smudge spray are inexpensive and easy to find. The spray recipe is just a base of vodka with several drops each of tea tree and lavender essential oils. Tea tree oil contains abundant green energy, which is naturally cleansing and dissolving. The lavender oil has a lot of violet energy, which is cleansing and amplifying. When green and violet energies are used together, the effects are very cleansing.

To make the spray, get a clean glass spray bottle of 2 or 4 oz, depending on the size you like to hold in your hand. Fill the bottle almost to the top with vodka, then add several drops each of the tea tree and lavender essential oils. Bless it up with a prayer, shake well, and you’re good to go.

If you don’t like having vodka around, you can also use rubbing alcohol diluted with water. I recommend using alcohol rather than just water because it is far more cleansing, both physically and psychically, and it dilutes the oils more effectively than water.

If you don’t have a physical smudge, you can imagine a psychic clearing tool, like your hands or body in a green and violet flame that is burning away any energetic residue.


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