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November 29, 2018


There are a four important principles to keep in mind when energizing: be a clear conduit, source transpersonal energy, clear before energizing, and hold a clear intention.

Let’s break them down one-by-one.


To source and use universal energy effectively, lightworkers must be a clear channel. That means we must keep our own physical and energetic bodies clear enough that our personal blocks aren’t getting in the way of the energy flowing through us. Otherwise, we may find ourselves getting frustrated, depleted, or having to work a lot harder than necessary. We could even project our own baggage onto others.

Working on your own energetic baggage and blocks is essential. It is a tremendously helpful and necessary contribution to the whole of humanity. You don’t have to have it all perfectly dialed in before you work with others, but you can’t avoid your own shadow work and be successful. Shadow work is lightwork.

Fortunately, we have the tools to become a clear conduit. We can invoke. We can clear our biofield, chakras, and channels. And we are going to learn how we can strengthen our crown and heart chakras and the central channel of the biofield. This is helpful, because the more clear the pathway, the more easily the light can flow through us.


Though it is important to clear our personal fields, bodies, and channels to be a clear conduit, when we project energy, we are not using our body’s personal energy for healing. We are using transpersonal, universal energy.

Universal energy is yours, but it’s not only yours. It’s an infinite supply for everyone and everything. When you tap into it, you will receive the benefit of that energy. So, not only will you not be depleted, you’ll actually receive more energy.

Anytime you feel depleted, it’s a good idea to check your ego, cut cords, and invoke for assistance. Remember, it’s not the separate self that is doing the work. It’s the true self, which is not alone, but one with all of creation.


Just like it makes sense to clean a physical wound before applying medicine and dressing it with a bandage, it makes sense to clear congested energy out before energizing and shielding. Otherwise, we would likely be energizing and activating the very things we would like to release.
There are, in fact, some advanced techniques in which you energize before you clear, but even in those cases, the initial energizing is used to break up energetic congestion before removing it, so you clear right afterward. If you know this principle, you can apply it to session aftercare for any modality that focuses on energizing, like Reiki. If you receive a Reiki session, it will be helpful to do energetic clearing or take a cleansing salt bath afterward to help ameliorate any detox symptoms your body might have in response to the session work.

Thorough clearing before energizing significantly reduces the chances of us or anybody we’re working with having a healing crisis. Healing crisis is the term for a detox reaction in the body after a session in which the symptoms that one is attempting to relieve actually become markedly worse for a period of time before subsiding. Healing crisis is common for folks who receive certain modalities of healing that focus on adding energy into the system. People can also experience healing crisis after receiving a spontaneous downpouring of light, a spiritual initiation, or an energetic attunement.

Healing crisis or detox symptoms also frequently occur when there is an amplified amount of light/energy entering the collective field of humanity. We are living in such a time. The light pouring into the collective is stirring up all the unhealed aspects of our collective psyche and bringing it up for healing. This will be addressed more in Chapter 11 in the section on ascension symptoms.

In my session work experience of clearing well before energizing, only about one out of 400 recipients have had any kind of healing crisis reaction. Those few folks had longstanding physical health issues and tended to hold onto a lot of heavy energy. Even in those cases, the symptoms of healing crisis were mild.

Results will typically depend on how well you clear. When I’m in session, I go back and check multiple times to make sure I get everything that is possible to clear for that session. It may sound like a lot of work, but it gets much faster the more you practice. We can always invoke for help clearing quickly.

Another major benefit of clearing old energy out before energizing is that, in many cases, once an area is cleared, the system will naturally be able to source more energy and balance itself without any extra energy required. This makes your work much more efficient. Typically, after systems self-balance, just a bit of energizing will be all that is required.


The flow of energy is our arrow. Intention is our aim.

Because energy flows along the path of our intention, it is crucial to hold clear focus in our minds. It’s especially important while energizing to be conscious of what we are focussing on, because we are amplifying our thoughts with more energy than usual.

When we are projecting energy into a field or body, we must hold a space, vision, or intention of the perfect result. The more we focus on the healing having already happened, the more effective we will be.

As soon as we identify an area in need of healing, we release the idea of its brokenness and instead focus on the perfect state of health. That way we are putting our creative energy into what we would like to see instead of what we would not like to see.

This is true of all our thoughts all the time. We are always creating through our mindset and intention, whether conscious or not. That’s why this course focuses attention on the importance of the power of our minds and why we keep coming back to the technique of invocation, because these tools allows us to choose a powerful state of mind and set a clear intention.


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