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Pillar of Light: Root + Crown Activation

Did you know that the root and crown chakras are actually the top and bottom vortices of the toroidal field of energy surrounding your body? When the root and crown are both activated and balanced, the central channel of light in the body and the overall toroidal field of the body will also be stronger and balanced.

This natural state of balance and strength is key to navigating our earth school path as spiritual beings having a physical world experience. If we want to be successful in fulfilling our purpose, we must stay connected to our spiritual essence and the Source of creation via the crown channel of energy while simultaneously taking the physical actions required to demonstrate what we say we know on an intellectual and emotional level. Because without grounding our crown knowledge through the root action, it is effectively meaningless and never becomes lived wisdom.

One of my passions is sharing techniques and awareness that I have found helpful in my own experiences of healing and helping others to heal. In my chakra healing series of meditations I explore esoteric key meanings and functions of the chakral fields and give listeners experiential tools for learning how to tap into the power of their imagination to work with energy and consciousness for healing. The audio tracks are also enriched with layers of sound healing (based on my husband DK's years of study and practical application) to help facilitate healing on a subconscious frequency level as well.

In the new Pillar of Light meditation, I guide a lightwork process of imagination and somatic experiencing designed to help you clear and activate the root and crown vortices of the body's auric field. Along with the spoken aspect of the guided meditation, there is a powerful soundscape of healing frequencies created by DK Brainard specifically for supporting the intention of activating the root and crown.

Are you ready to tune in, bring more balance to the spiritual and physical aspects of your life, strengthen your auric field, and light up the pillar of light that you are? If so, you can get Pillar of Light here:


Tatiana "Phoenix" Sakurai is the author of Lightworker Training: A Practical Guide to Healing with Energy + Consciousness. She has created many levels of Lightworker Training courses, co-produces guided meditations and podcasts at Cosmic Fire, and facilitates sessions, clearings, and reports through her private practice of lightwork at


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