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My name is Tatiana Sakurai and I work as a spiritual counselor, teacher, and lightworker whose mission is to raise the consciousness of humanity and to help alleviate suffering on this planet by addressing the root cause of the symptoms we see manifested in the world.


Read on to learn more about me and the work I do.

What my deal is, basically.

During the course of my life I have experienced and healed trauma from intense childhood abuse that continued for many years. That experience gave me the raw material to transmute into the profound strength and deep healing that I hold space for and facilitate today.

I’ve done much personal introspection, study, therapy, healing, shadow integration and trauma recovery work related to: severe early childhood trauma, physical/emotional abuse and neglect, sexual/ritual abuse, life-threatening illnesses, domestic violence, homelessness/poverty, abandonment/attachment issues, physical and sexual assaults, drug addiction, codependency, suicidal/self-destructive acts, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and others.

I list these things to let you know that I've been to dark places and I have come back to the light. I say it to let you know that if you've been there or are there, you’re not alone. I say it to let you know that I know how hard it is to do real healing work. And that I know it is possible to work through some very painful stuff and get free.


I've been there, so I have learned in a deep experiential way and I now have a variety of tools that actually work in a daily practice of loving ourselves free from old patterns and trauma. I've also had the opportunity to discover many ways of working and teaching, because I've worked with so many clients and students in different situations over the years.

Something else I know through experience is that miracles are real. I know that Divine Grace is real. I've had amazing experiences of myself as the pure light of creation, of instantaneous healing, of teleporting out of a dangerous situation, of being saved by another when I had given up, of hearing the voice of God, and of coming back from the edge of death more than a few times. So I don't just believe in spirituality as an idea, I know it as fact. We are spiritual beings. No doubt about it.

To be honest, I never thought I would be a healer. I mean, it's a miracle I've even been able to heal myself as much as I have. So it was a total surprise that I became a full time lightworker, let alone becoming a teacher and an author. But look at me now! I've even met the love of my life! See? Miracles! Turns out they're actually natural and inevitable. Who knew?

This path of healing is truly an adventure. When I see the results of the work, I'm amazed. It's always greater than what I dared to imagine for myself. And in those moments when I realize how much more Creator loves us than we love ourselves, I'm awestruck. And immensely grateful. Everything has been designed perfectly and it's all there waiting for us to realize it.

For me, this is sacred work. I'm not a "spiritual entrepreneur" and this is not a business. It's a ministry. It's a calling that I have answered. I don't do this for the money, or to be popular. In fact, I am willing to do things for free or speak unpopular truths if that's what my spiritual guidance is. Knowing what I know has given me tremendous courage.

It is this strength of purpose, this passion for truth, this courage to stand firm, this wonder of creation, and this joy of discovery that I desire to share with you.

If you would like to work with a healer who has healed her own mind and can teach you how to get free of old painful patterns, you’re in the right place.


If you are looking to become more empowered through knowledge and practice of spiritual tools for personal and world transformation, you’re in the right place.


If you are willing to know, be, and act in alignment with truth, you’re in the right place.


If you are ready to engage in the great work of our time, you’re in the right place.



I'm so glad you're here.

What's next?

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