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Already got Level 1 and ready for more? Check out the advanced modules for Fall/Winter 2023/24:

ENTITY EVICTION: Learn about different kinds of entities, how to take a warrior stance, repel and release entity attachments, and clear the energies that keep them in place.

BEYOND BELIEFS: Learn how to identify and release limiting beliefs, old coping mechanisms, toxic patterns, and mental programs at the causal level while employing trauma awareness and consent based practices

COLOR THERAPY: Learn about the magical and healing properties of 12 color rays, practical applications and possible contraindications for colors in lightwork, as well as advanced healing protocols.

ENERGETIC PSYCHOTHERAPY: Learn how to create a space that invites the client to participate in their own healing and discover advanced techniques for scanning and clearing psychological energies.

SPIRITUAL COUNSELING: Learn the foundations of a solid spiritual counseling practice including, moral and spiritual principles, ways of holding space, structuring session work, and exercising healthy boundaries.

CRYSTAL HEALING: Learn key principles of working with crystals, how to wear them properly, and various crystal healing techniques, including working with wands and layouts. Bring your crystals and curiosity!

Advanced classes are only open to grads of level 1.


They are live workshops offered via Zoom.


Recordings will be available for in absentia attendance or review.


Interested in signing up?

Contact Tatiana for information.

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