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Self-Study Program: Lightworkshops + Mini Classes

Learn at your own pace with on-demand video classes with Tatiana. Find topics such as: Psychic Self Defense, Energetic Hygiene, Crystals 101, Cord Cutting and more! such as:

Level 1: Foundations of Lightwork

Live Lightworker Training courses start with Level 1: Foundations of Lightwork, a live 10-week course with Tatiana in which you'll discover core teachings and practices designed to give you solid understanding of lightwork principles and a well-rounded energy and consciousness toolkit for session work.

Tuition options include one-on-one coaching packages for accelerated advancement and personalized assistance.

Advanced Modules for Level 1 Graduates

You've got a solid foundation, now take your lightwork skills to the next level with live Advanced Lightworkshops with Tatiana on topics such as: Entity Eviction, Energetic Psychotherapy, Beyond Beliefs, Color Therapy, Spiritual Counseling, and Crystal Healing.

Private Lessons  +  Lightworker Coaching

Private lessons and coaching packages are available year round. Get personalized training to start learning lightwork tools or complement your existing practice. Tatiana specializes in finding ways that work for you!

Book a lightwork session now to get started:


“Tatiana is one of the most important and empowering teachers I have ever had! In a world running amok with inflated spiritual egos, I am so grateful to have found her real, humble, authentic, and universal perspective. I highly recommend the energy work she offers and any class she teaches."

“I completed Level 1 Lightworker Training with Tatiana via online video call sessions and absolutely loved it. While it would have been great to attend an in-person class, I didn't feel like I missed out at all. Tatiana was generous, patient, and is an excellent teacher and mentor. I always looked forward to the sessions and felt like we were sharing a very special healing and learning space via the web."

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