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Ask Your Body Sq.jpg
Ask Your Body

Learn how to dowse energies, get answers, and confirm choices with the simple yet powerful body dowsing technique taught in this mini class.

Cord Cutting Sq.jpg
Cord Cutting

Learn all about the energetic attachments of etheric cords: what they are, how they get there, and what we can do about it.

Crystals 101 sq.jpg
Crystals 101

Get the essential knowledge and techniques for understanding the properties of crystals, how to select crystals, how to know when to not use crystals, how to clear and program crystals, and how to wear crystals

Energetic Hygiene Tatiana Sakurai Sq.jpg
Energetic Hygiene

Are you a highly sensitive empath? In this class we'll explore crucial self care and energy hygiene techniques for anyone who wishes to reclaim their space and energy.

Life Hacks for Lightworkers Tatiana Sakurai Sq.jpg
Life Hacks for Lightworkers

Tatiana shares her daily practices for navigating this realm as a highly sensitive person with you in this free mini class.

Psychic Self Defense

Learn key principles, effective strategies, and game-changing tactics that you can employ now to discern and repel the energy of psychic attack and entity intrusions...and stay clear moving forward!

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