Tatiana Sakurai is the teacher that teachers and professional healers go to for trusted guidance and no bullshit.


Her Lightworker Training manual is a distillation of 13 years of research and daily practice of lightwork presented in a clear, easy-to-follow format.


Within the text you'll discover a wealth of knowledge and practical applications designed to develop both a solid foundation of technique and the ability to follow intuitive guidance.

Whether you are just starting to awaken to your gifts, or have been on the healing path for some time, Lightworker Training has something to support you in taking your practice to the next level.




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Get ready for the next level of your training as a lightworker


“Tatiana Sakurai is a gifted lightworker who is not afraid of embracing the shadow realm as well. Her generous spirit inspires her to be in service to others regardless of circumstance. Whether you are meeting with her for a private healing session or taking a class, she offers a wealth of understanding, compassion, and wisdom. She has the ability to access ancient tools and applies them effortlessly to present needs. Tatiana is a rare gem among modern lightworkers.”

“I have been working with Tatiana for over a year, initially through one-on-one sessions and then I took the group lightworker courses, and I have also received private healing sessions from her.

From my own experience in recently discovering my spirituality, I know that approaching courses or the idea of energy healing can be intimidating. Tatiana is incredibly kind, honest, open and compassionate. She always makes me feel comfortable and safe.

I hope that someday in our culture it is acceptable and even normal to acknowledge how the energy of the world around us really affects us emotionally and physically, and how having the tools and awareness to clear it can lead to a happier, healthier existence. The effects these energy healing modalities has been profound in my life, and integrating it with my own evolving work allows me to help others.

I am so grateful to have met Tatiana as one of my teachers. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who is just curious, anyone feeling unwell, ungrounded or off-center, and especially anyone who works with or around others."