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Crystals 101: Lightworkshop

Crystals are beautiful and powerful healing allies, but if you don't understand how they work, you can be wasting a lot of energy amassing a collection of tools that might be doing more harm than good.


In this lightworkshop, I'm going to break down the essential knowledge and techniques for understanding the properties of crystals, how to select crystals, how to know when to NOT use crystals, how to clear and program crystals, and how to wear crystals.


This is the basic introductory knowledge that everyone who has crystals needs to know. This class will support you in strengthening your intuitive ability to know what crystals and applications are the most helpful for your individual needs and circumstances. With this knowledge you can go beyond taking other people's word for it, and find your unique way of working with crystals. This knowledge can be extrapolated and applied to other tools as well.


Wouldn't it be great to start building trust in your own discernment? I look forward to sharing this empowering class with you!


~ Tatiana

What's included in this class:
  • 4-part video lecture series of about 3 hours total

  • 45-minute bonus video on body dowsing

  • PDFs of reading material + illustrations

  • Optional quizzes to test your knowledge

  • Work at your own pace

  • Affordable tuition price of $25

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