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In this meditation, Tatiana guides you through a process that will support you in feeling Filled with Light. If you're feeling tossed on the stormy seas of change, this could be just the thing to help your body feel loved and protected.


This 11-minute audio starts with an invitation to bring your awareness to the present moment through the breath and a grounding process.  Tatiana then helps you bring awareness to your body's energy field to balance and recharge it. The meditation ends with guidance to tune into specific frequencies that can support healthy boundaries, self-nurturing and psychic shielding.


Once you listen to the track a few times and practice the techniques described, you'll learn the process and be able to center and shield your energy body in your own way whenever the need arises.


With your purchase of Filled with Light, you'll receive instant access to a high quality MP3 download that is yours to keep and listen to whenever you'd like to be filled with light.



Filled with Light: Energizing + Shielding Meditation

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