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In this meditation within a meditation, Tatiana Sakurai guides you through a journey process to access a place of peace and power within you.


Once you know how to get there, you can go to any level of this meditation at anytime. You will have a priceless tool for entering and exiting the journey process in an effective and positive way.


This guided meditation is made even more potent by the beautiful ambient soundscape created by DK Brainard that includes healing frequencies and brainwave entrainment to help gently shift you into a sweet theta mind state of deep relaxation.


Enter the mystery within to gain knowledge and healing in the safest and most sacred place in the universe, your own heart!


Extremely important note: do not listen to this (or any other) trance-inducing meditation when it is necessary to be alert, eg: when working with tools, machinery, automobiles, etc.


With your purchase you will receive instant access to a high quality MP3 download that is yours to keep. You will also receive gratitude for supporting this work.


Thank you!

    The Temple of Your Heart: Journey Meditation

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