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What Are You Worried About? is a guided process by Tatiana to help you clear negative energy or fearful thought forms and start creating what you know you need to do.


Worry is often a distraction that feeds parasitic mind control entities. What if we could reclaim that energy to focus on manifesting what we truly desire? As they say, worry is a prayer for what you don't want!


In this guided meditation, Tatiana applies the wisdom of 15 years of intensive energy and consciousness work to guide you through a process that will clear your auric field's mental body and fire up your imagination.


**Please do not listen to this meditation when you need to be alert!**


When you support Lightworker Training with a download purchase, you'll get instant access to a high quality MP3 file that is yours to keep and listen to whenever you would like to clear energy and get centered.

What Are You Worried About?

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