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New Level 1 Course Starts March 6th: Registration Now Open

Are you ready to learn all the essentials for working with energy and consciousness to heal anything? That's what I'm offering in this newly-expanded 10 week course on the foundations of my lightwork practice. I invite you to join me for Lightworker Training: Level 1: Foundations of Lightwork. These are the game-changing principles, mindsets, and energy work techniques that I depend on every day, whether for self care or working with clients in session.

I would love to share these tools and techniques with you because they have changed my life and helped to change the lives of my clients and students for many years. And let's face it, the world needs healing now more than ever. If you are ready to learn some ways to help yourself and help others be a powerful force for good in the world, I want to help you do it!

In addition to the newly expanded format, I have also added different tuition levels based on participation level. You choose the level that's right for you and your unique scheduling needs. You can also create a payment plan that works for you. I am passionate about creating win-win situations so that I can deliver amazing service and value and students and clients can get the tools they need to succeed in their healing journeys.

Please read on for more about the specifics of what I am offering in this Level 1 course, and how to sign up. If you have any questions, please get in touch!


Lightworker Training courses start with Level 1: Foundations of Lightwork, a newly-expanded 10-week course of core teachings and practices designed to give you an understanding of lightwork principles and an energetic toolkit for session work. In Level 1 you will receive a well-rounded set of key energy work techniques and consciousness teachings which are delivered and practiced week by week, so that by the end of the course you will have all the tools required for a complete lightwork session for yourself, clients, or loved ones.

What You'll Get in Level 1 of Lightworker Training:

  • Live classes, demonstrations with Tatiana

  • Key mindset, awareness, principles of lightwork

  • Meditation, mindfulness techniques

  • Invocation + co-creation techniques

  • How to recognize + release energetic attachments

  • How to sense + differentiate different subtle energies

  • Knowledge of energy field structures + functions

  • Tools for energetic hygiene + self-care

  • How to effectively clear the body’s biofield + chakras

  • How to channel energy safely with intention

  • Effective shielding techniques

  • Knowledge of what to do when you’re not sure

  • Development of intuition

  • Techniques for diverse learning styles

  • Access to class recordings for replay or review

  • Tuition levels and payment plans that work for you

  • And more!

Tuition Is Based on Participation:

  • Lecture only: first hour of class (10 hours of class time): $300

  • Lecture + Interactive Workshop: both hours of class (20 hours of class time): $500

  • Lecture + Workshop + Coaching: both hours of class plus a 1/2 hour of one-on-one coaching with Tatiana every week: $900

  • Lecture + Workshop + Full-hour Coaching: both hours of class, plus a full hour of one-on-one coaching with Tatiana every week: $1300 (very limited availability)

Class Schedule for Spring 2022:

Classes meet every Sunday for two hours (one hour if only doing lecture) starting Sunday, March 6th and continuing for 10 weeks. Our last class will be May 8th. Class time starts at 12:00 PM Eastern/9:00 AM Pacific and ends at 2:00 PM Eastern/11:00 AM Pacific. All classes will be recorded. You may make up classes or review classes by watching the replays which are usually posted later in the day on Sunday on our private class page.

Sign Up or Learn More:

Registration is now open! You can sign up by emailing Tatiana at, texting 888-485-4835 or using the contact form below.


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