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New Mini Lightworkshop: Ask Your Body

If you've worked with me, read my book, or taken my classes, you already know how much I love this technique. I've just added a short (45 minute) mini class to the self-study program teaching it to anyone who would like to get a quick and focused training on just this tool. Well, actually, I had to throw in a few more support tools, but I promise, I kept it very concise!

If you'd like to learn how to dowse energies, get answers, and confirm choices with a simple yet powerful body dowsing technique, then this mini lightworkshop is for you!

I break down how the Ask Your Body tool works, common blocks and pitfalls in applying it, how to clear the blocks to body dowsing, and how to build proficiency in the technique. I then walk you through the process and give you sample questions and suggestions for practice. Once you learn this intuitive tool, the possibilities are endless! Oh, and did I mention you can get this game-changing tool for only $5?


Tatiana "Phoenix" Sakurai is a lightworker, teacher, and author of Lightworker Training: A Practical Guide to Healing with Energy + Consciousness. She co-produces podcasts and healing meditations with DK "Kairos" Brainard at Cosmic Fire, creates educational content and classes at Lightworker Training, and facilitates sessions and clearings in her private practice at


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