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What Is Lightworker Training?


Lightworker Training is a collection of tools for empowerment and self-discovery. It is for those dedicated to self-love and self-realization who desire their lives be a positive contribution to the whole of life. It affirms that we are all co-creators of our experiences and that we are the only person we can free from suffering. There is no one else to free, because ultimately, we are one.

Lightworker Training affirms that you are a sovereign being of light and that the truth is already within you. Your natural state of being is one of abundant peace, knowledge, and freedom. You already have the ability to undo your social conditioning and return to the truth of your organic nature, which is powerful and free. Lightworker Training teaches you how to access what you already have.

Lightworker Training affirms that miracles are natural and healing of any kind is possible. It also recognizes that attachment to the form the healing takes could limit the possibilities experienced. It also recognizes that you can free yourself from limiting beliefs and the energetic residue of trauma and social conditioning.

Lightworker Training affirms that what heals one heals all and that you have the power within you to change your mind, your life, and your world.

Lightworker Training is a spiritual teaching, but it is non-hierarchical and non-dogmatic in nature. It is not an ideological program or belief system to subscribe to or reject. It is a multimodality toolkit based on the ancient art and science of spiritual practices that work with the organic light information of the unified field of consciousness.

Lightworker Training concepts and practices do not require or demand your belief in anything. As a matter of fact, it teaches practices through which, eventually, all beliefs are released. The truth is the truth and does not require anyone’s belief in it, rather it will naturally make itself evident to those who are willing to know it.

Lightworker Training abides in spiritual minimalism and does not advocate for amassing a collection of physical tools. The only tool required is your mind. Even the energy work tools are simplified as much as possible while still teaching diverse applications.

Lightworker Training recognizes and honors the sovereignty of every being. Therefore, receiving explicit consent is essential before venturing into another’s psychic or energetic space. If you find yourself judging another as needing your help, the most helpful thing you can do is to clear your own judgments about the person’s situation so that you can see them as already perfect.

Those requesting healing service must be willing to let go of their attachments. This is true whether you are working with yourself or with another. You cannot take something from someone who is not willing to release it. They will use their free will to recreate it. Everyone must take responsibility for their own learning, healing, and spiritual growth.

As a sovereign being, responsible for your own learning, healing, and development, you get to say “yes” to that which resonates in alignment with what you’d like to create, and you get to say “no” to anything that doesn’t. That includes anything I may offer in this course.



Text excerpted from Chapter 1 of the book: Lightworker Training: A Practical Guide to Healing with Energy + Consciousness by Tatiana Sakurai

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